Where Should I Relocate a Trapped Snake?

Snakes are fascinating reptiles. They are all carnivorous and as such can be aggressive. To trap a Suffolk County snake is a very dangerous thing to do, and should never be done by an inexperienced person. There are New York professionals out there, and they are equipped to handle these situations.

Just remember that even those guys on Animal Planet who make it look so easy to trap a Suffolk County snake, have been bitten a few times a season. Things go wrong and then wham! You have fangs in your arm or leg. What you have to realize is that a trapped snake is a snake on the defensive. If the snake is trapped safely in a New York snake trap you should be able to transport it to a suitable area and release it. Remember that snake traps often use sticky pads to trap the animal and you will need to use cooking oil on the snake to release it.

Or you could just call the Suffolk County professionals to come and take it away. They will also know the best place to release a snake, where it won’t be in danger and it won’t cause any trouble in the future. However, if the snake is trapped in your yard or home, make sure you leave it alone. Snakes can be dangerous and they will attack if you antagonize or annoy them. Even if you don’t mean to. Don’t try to coax the snake into a box. You will annoy it. Rather see if you can lower an empty waste basket, or something similar with air holes, over the reptile if it is coiled. Then put a weight on it and call the New York professionals to come and remove it.

But let’s say you do manage to trap the Suffolk County snake and want to release it somewhere safe. An open area away from people is a good idea, but once again experts will know what will best suit the particular type of New York snake you have caught. So the best is to look up experts on the internet and call your local guy. He will know the snakes common to the area, and where to relocate them to safely. If you can’t find anyone you can call the police—they most certainly know who to call, and your trapped snake will be taken off your hands and relocated for everyone’s safety.

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