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What Animals Chew on Electrical Wires?

A friend of mine recently had motorcycle trouble. He drove it home from work one evening and everything was perfect. When he came out the next morning ready to go from work, things were very different. His bike would not start. After coming back from work by using alternative transportation, he started to work on the bike. What he found was that Suffolk County mice had, in one night, chewed through the wires of the motorcycle and made a nest to keep warm. Needless to say, it cost him a lot of money to have the bike rewired.

All Suffolk County animals can chew on something. But animals that chew on electrical wires are usually rodents. The rodent family includes mice and rats, chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, and beavers, just to name some. If you are worried about those that chew electrical wires in your attic, chances are it won’t be a New York beaver, however, the others are fair game.

Suffolk County rodents chew for a variety of reasons, but there are two main ones. First, they need to chew because of their teeth. The teeth on rodents constantly grow, just like our fingernails. The need to keep them sharp and at a certain size keeps them chewing on everything. Electrical wires, water pipes, the wooden studs in your house and furniture are only a few things that New York rodents will chew on. This is the way they were made.

The second reason is boredom. Once a mouse or a rat, or even a squirrel build a nest and feel safe, just like with dogs, boredom can set in. Remember that the next time Fido chews on your new Jimmy Cho’s. So they chew and they chew and they chew. Suffolk County raccoons and squirrels, if they get into your attic can cause a lot of other types of damage to your home, in addition to chewing on electrical wires. Raccoons and squirrels, along with pack rats, are scavengers. They will chew up insulation, old books, boxes, etc. to make nests, snuggle in and stay a while. Mice and rats will do the same, but it often seems electrical wires are their first choice. Actually, when they want to get to one place from another, they chew through the wire, not just on it. To avoid this and keep your house rodent free, advice from a New York wildlife professional is your best bet for keeping out the wildlife.

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